Every month 60,000 volunteer committees make important decisions that require due diligence and have consequences.

The New Zealand Association Resource Centre Trust (NZARCT) is a registered educational charitable trust that is fully devoted to providing assistance and advice to volunteer boards. Its nine trustees are drawn from the non-profit sector, tertiary education, and the professions, and have practical experience in association and charity governance and management. They are familiar with the commonly occurring challenges facing association executives and trustees. They are applying their knowledge in providing resources that are frequently beyond the means of many smaller entities with limited staff and time restraints. They are committed to enable the third sector to function more efficiently and effectively.

The NZARCT has access to relevant critical information from a variety of authoritative sources in comparable countries and has created a substantial reference library, which is accessible on request free of charge. It also maintains cooperative relationships and links to kindred and professional societies also serving associations and trust. In working together they achieve better outcomes for all concerned.

The NZARCT has no members and subscription to its weekly newsletter is free. The contents are a mix of advice and information, presented in a concise and downloadable format. A further asset for its constituency is a help-desk function during office hours that covers most occurring issues with referrals to advisory specialists as required.

The aims of the NZARCT are:
  • To regularly communicate with key stakeholders within the non-profit sector to identify common issues that the sector is facing
  • To respond to needs that our subscribers have either by directing to them to existing agencies that may be able to provide assistance or source assistance on their behalf
  • Connect similar organizations for collective learning and networking
  • Develop specific programmes and forums for increasing capability and capacity
  • Support and partner NFP stakeholders
  • Partner with contributors committed to develop in the NFP space
Our Vision:
  • To be New Zealand’s leading motivator for collective and charitable organisations in providing support, advice and professional development opportunities to the Third Sector.
  • To maintain consultative and co-operative relationships with other top tier organisations serving the third sector as well as government and the news media.