Such was a question asked recently of our helpdesk. And, if there was such an organisation that existed in New Zealand, what did they do?

Our response was that yes, there is such a thing. For others of you that are unsure of what this type of organisation does, we can clarify that for you. Specialising in assisting charities and associations with its requirements, association managers can perform many of the business and operational tasks required to operate a common-interest non-profit. For some non-profits the association manager acts as a ‘virtual office’, undertaking operational tasks at the request of a volunteer board. For others it provides mission-critical support for tasks or activities that the non-profit doesn’t the capability to undertake in-house – a bit like a high impact player.  They are also sometimes called a ‘secretariat’.

Business Professional Services is the non-profit management company for the NZARCT. It provides a helpdesk, general support for enquires, general accounting support, event management, newsletter development and other services. Click here for more about the types of tasks typically undertaken by such an organisation or call 09 419 0042 to find out more.

Some typical tasks may include assistance from a multi-disciplinary team:

  • Acting as a virtual office, providing business day answering of incoming enquiries
  • Cloud services – advice and assistance
  • Executive support and governance development
  • Statutory and legislative compliance
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Meeting facilities
  • Administration and database management
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Membership services
  • Event management

Because those providing such services often work with many associations and charities, the advantage is the ability to take key learnings from one non-profit to the other. And, develop best practice expertise from being immersed within the non-profit sector.