The Incorporated Societies Act 1908 was reviewed by the New Zealand Law Commission, who released their findings in 2013. The Government has since reviewed and agreed with the recommendations they made, and the next step is for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to create new legislation out of this report.
What does this mean for your organisation?
At the least, it will probably mean a review of your governing documents (such as your constitution) to ensure that it conforms to the new law. Regularly checking these governing documents is a good idea – is your purpose the same as what it was when the organisation was set up? Are you following your own rules?
A report of recommendations does not mean a law change is imminent. It is a long process from report to reality! However, it is worth starting to pull those dusty governing documents out of storage now, to ensure you’re not taken by surprise when Parliament gets the ball rolling.
The New Zealand Association Resource Centre Trust is able to assist with advice and assistance to bring your founding documents up to date and later assist with the implementation of required changes.  Email for a brief overview of service available.