For the last five years Nonprofit Marketing has surveyed US NFP organisations about their communication practices and procedures. The results are compiled into an annual ‘Nonprofit Communications Trends Report’ and give an interesting insight into how NFPs are interacting and engaging with their stakeholders.

Although this research is carried out in the US it is safe to say that the findings will also relate to NFPs here in NZ.

The 2015 Report found that:

  • “Engaging Our Community” is the top communications goal, but marketing, fundraising, and programmatic goals are all important to success.
  • The most important communications channels, in order, are websites, email marketing, traditional social media, in-person events, print marketing, and media relations/PR.
  • The biggest challenges are lack of time to produce quality content, lack of budget for direct expenses, and inability to measure effectiveness.
  • Email appeals and email newsletters are both sent monthly.
  • Direct mail appeals are sent twice a year, and print newsletters are sent quarterly (if at all).
  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the most important social media sites.
  • 5 FTE are directly responsible for communications.
  • Facebook, e-newsletters, and media relations/PR are most time-consuming to produce.

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