As we look to ways of increasing the participation of attendance at events that we hold, there is a need to investigate ways in which we supplement the delegate experience. With developments in ’virtual meetings’ technology, delegates need not attend in person. So, how can you make the virtual experience as valuable?

Consider how to make the most of the viewer’s experience. For example during the morning/afternoon tea and lunch breaks, interview speaker or sponsors, having this footage streaming live. This will make the sponsors get more ‘bang for their buck’ and provide a unique option for speakers to communicate directly with the on-line audience for more intimate commentary.

Use an app that will allow real time surveys, voting and feedback from fully interactive sessions. This way all of your audience can participate – giving the virtual audience a voice as well.

There are ways to do things ‘on the cheap’ with mobile phones and skype, and this needs to be carefully considered with the outcome – what is the user experience like? There is much to be said about the development of ‘hybrid events’ and how they are executed. Recently Josh Dry of SmartShow previewed his company’s event app ‘ShowGizmo’ at Convene 2014. This particular app can offer real time communications, live polling, and access to a private social network such as twitter. You can read the full article as appeared in Meeting News here.

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