There are as many differing opinions about what constitutes ‘good minute’ taking. As a record of an organisation’s decisions and key actions, it is worthwhile taking time to revisit some of the key aspects of minute taking. We undertook an evaluation of this last month ourselves and came up with some key points that we found useful.

Taking the minutes themselves:

  • If unfamiliar with the room or faces – draw a map of the table with labels of people where they sit.
  • Handwritten vs typing directly into a laptop: some people find the tapping on a keyboard irritating but today’s modern devices are very unobtrusive! And sometimes it is hard to read handwritten notes if it is rushed – and then there’s the time to type them up…
  • Be selective about what is recorded – don’t record everything like opinions or entire discussions – its more about: motions that are made; action points; and key decisions that are made.
  • Consider an online document sharing method instead of email. Using a collaborative platform such as Google Drive makes for more cohesive sharing options.

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