“I had heard many of my colleagues talking about Twitter. And, it seemed that bit too complicated – there was a real danger of being feeling embarrassed as I didn’t know my tweet from my hashtag! How could I take the plunge? Then, I attended a Google conference and realised that it was my own fear that was holding me back. The challenge was issued… ‘be like our kids, experiment and be okay with trying new things in the face of fear and the fear of failure’…” such was the view of one of our subscribers.

The Trust has observed that Twitter has been adopted by some non-profits really well, and others are yet to take the plunge. This free tool has the potential to really make a difference in engaging potential donors and volunteers alike!

We suggest you join Twitter as an individual and start to follow organisations you feel a connection with personally. Get a feel for what types of conversations are being had within this environment and even what some of your ‘competitors’ are saying and how they are saying it.

If you are looking to get started, Twitter has produced a guide for beginners and references terms that are common to this platform. Although it is created for business, it is absolutely relevant for non-profits as well.And, click here for a 10 step guide to making the most of Twitter and using touch points through other media using a specific non-profit example.

Whether you’re just getting started or a Twitter pro, we’d love to connect with you. Follow us @AssociationsNZ and let’s get tweeting!