Winning the hearts and minds of your audience is one of the key ways of truly engaging with supporters of your organisation. Whether you are an association looking to engage with existing and prospective members, or a charity looking to engage with donors and supporters, storytelling is the key.

How has their investment in your organisation made a real difference? And, how do you tell them this in a way that really connects? One way is through your annual report. We’ve found a great guide to get you started.

In our experience most non-profits will realise the value of providing a report of their activities that goes beyond simply numbers and figures. It is an opportunity to create an emotional connection with your organisation – this is where the loyalty factor is created. It is what keeps your audience coming back to you and not going to your competitors.

We suggest you identify the unique changes you’ve made in your industry or sector… for associations it may be key positive impacts with legislation or value to their members not able to be gained elsewhere. For charities it may be ways you’ve managed to effect positive change in communities or with people’s everyday lives.

For more around this and the link to a great guide click here.