Some of you may recall an article we wrote last year regarding sponsorship and what makes a good sponsorship document – courtesy of Julian Moore. One of the major reminders was that sponsorship is NOT fundraising. One of our trustees recently attended a more comprehensive workshop by Julian around this particular topic and what was observed was the commercial nature of the outcome for both parties.

One of the major outtakes that we observed was the importance to emphasis the way in which sponsoring your event, initiative or organisation creates a unique opportunity for your sponsor to achieve their commercial objectives. We’d like to share what we saw as other practical outtakes of this really helpful and practical session.

Align your knowledge around what is in it for them and be able to talk about this in terms of ‘what unique value they’d get from a relationship with your organisation?’

  • Do your research – what market(s) do you have access to and what is its value
  • How can you reach this market in a unique way that your potential sponsor can’t get from anyone else?
  • How can you make your sponsor more successful through their alignment with your organisation?
  • Is your proposition long term (supporter) or short term (sponsor)
  • How are you going to deliver on the sponsorship – ensure you can fulfill upon your obligations
  • Know how much it is going to cost you in direct dollar terms and man hours to ensure the sponsor’s expectations are met<
  • Identify who is going to liaise with the sponsor and make sure they are comfortable with the responsibility.

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Click here for a comprehensive list that Julian has created to cover everything you need to know about how a sponsorship document should be structured. Also see examples attached of some great examples of Julian’s sponsorship documents. You can always contact Julian directly (