With more and more NFPs turning to social media the inclusion of a Social Media Policy in an organisation’s arsenal of governance documents is becoming essential.

It is near impossible to prepare and protect your organisation against all possibilities but by being proactive and thoughtful when creating a Social Media Policy can help ensure that your organisation gets the most benefit out of its social media efforts while avoiding many of the pitfalls.

A good Social Media Policy will provide clear guidelines as to what staff (paid and/or voluntary) should and shouldn’t do when posting and interacting with the online community and below are a few helpful links to help you create a solid policy for your organisation.


Idealware – The Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook

Idealware – Social Media Policy Templates

TechSoup – Creating a Social Media Policy

The Nonprofit Times – 10 Issues to Address in your Nonprofit’s Social Media Policy

Social Media Governance – Social Media Policy Database


Other helpful links:

Top Nonprofits – Top 50 Nonprofits on Social Media

Sprout Social – A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits