Under newly created compliance requirements, registered charities are required to tell their story through non-financial reporting. While this is not yet a requirement for incorporated societies, they should consider adopting this practice to better engage with their members. Charities Services presented information on non-financial reporting in a series of forums around the country, which covered what information charities could communicate.

  1. Who are you and what do you do? – Why do you exist, who are your people and what services do you provide?
  2. Who do you help? – Where and how do you deliver your services and how many people are affected?
  3. How are funds applied? – How do you apply your contributors’ donations?
  4. How do you measure results? – Who are you accountable to and how are you accountable?
  5. What are the benefits to the community? What outcomes have been achieved?
  6. Where is your charity based? – This should include all your branches and service centres.
  7. How is your charity structured? What is your governance and management structure?
  8. Is your charity sustainable? – Who funds you right now? Why do you need more funding?
  9. What is your vision? – What do you want to achieve in the long run?

Several charitable organisations have already done work to develop non-financial reporting measures, as well as regular assessment of existing services. The Charities Services website provides resources about strengthening communications and lists resources specific to non-financial reporting. Charity trustees requiring further advice and assistance are welcome to approach NZARC in this respect.