We here at the NZARC Trust can appreciate how difficult it is to have a distinctive voice when everyone else is talking – especially in the non-profit sector! And, how tricky it can be to decide where to place the effort of the organisation to ensure that voice is heard and the messages understood loud and clear.

We came across a really inspiring example of success of a non-profit using social media as their platform for conversation. They had some really practical tips for making their campaign a success. It was a successful way they educated, informed, delighted and created trust and affinity with their organsation. They made their mission to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem seem tangible to the average donor – making them believe that they could make a difference.

Their strategy came down to 8 basic steps:
Have a dedicated resource to make the strategy work
If it’s not working – fix it
Be willing to explore different social media channel options (brave!)
Always post quality content (!)
Quality over quantity
Be consistent with your brand
Have clear goals
Measure your results – what did and did not work

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