You may recall that in the last issue of our newsletter we discussed the process for board recruitment. We would like to share with you some of the areas we considered recently when recruiting and selecting board members for our own organisation.

NZARCT Board Composition

There is provision for ten nominated and appointed governing trustees and three advisory trustees, who attend meetings, but take no part in the board’s decisions.

The trust observes a gender and age balance that also provides for Maori and Ethnic representation. Candidates are selectively drawn from association, charity, education and business sectors with an emphasis on relevant experience supported by formal tertiary qualifications and the ability to be actively involved in the planning and direction of projects that meet the public benefit test in their application to the third sector in both its branches.
Identified skill sets for positions on the board cover voluntary governance, research, external relations, digital and print media, data base, ethnic and Maori interests, which are handled on a portfolio basis that allows for the formation of ad-hoc committees.

Fixed term appointments are encouraged to ensure rejuvenation and fresh thinking.

The board is assisted by an executive officer from its association management company.

Selection and Induction

Prospects are identified and selectively approached with an introduction to the Trust in an initial telephone call, a visit to its website and where interest is established, with the issue of the trust deed and a suite of documents that set out the duties and responsibilities of trustees, expectations of attendance, project outlines and performance criteria. Candidates are required to provide an up-to-date CV that is circulated to all trustees and to submit an undertaking of confidentiality and conflict of interest declaration and statement of fitness to serve. When these requirements have been met the prospect is interviewed by two trustees to establish compatibility leading, if possible, to a recommendation for acceptance. This is followed by an induction session with an advisory trustee to give the candidate a better understanding of the workings of the Board and their place in it. This is followed by a formal letter inviting them to consider appointment.

Candidates attend a first occurring meeting of the board as an observer with speaking rights and in preparation thereof receive all the agenda papers and the minutes of the previous meeting. Towards the close of the meeting they are requested to state their intention to join the board and are officially welcomed by the chairman.

Meeting Procedure

The trustees as a board meet every second month on a midweek day at the Trust’s secretariat in February, April, June, August, October and December. Meetings never last longer than two hours. Ad-hoc working groups convene as required. Consultation between meetings is by telephone and email. Important information emanating from the secretariat is equally shared between all trustees with the ability to comment and contribute. This involves a steady flow of intelligence emanating from the Trust’s many contributors based on relationship with kindred organisations both local and off-shore. Trustees are expected to contribute with dissemination and comments as required.

If you would like to know more, please contact the NZARCT in the first instance.