Have you considered a LinkedIn ‘company page’ for your association? With linkedIn being an online community for professionals this could be a great way to create awareness of your association to those within your industry or sector.

LinkedIn has over 120 million users and as with most other social network channels can be used to establish connections, build relationships and showcase your organisation’s culture. More than just people, jobs, and groups – there are many companies and other professional bodies such as universities and sports bodies promoting themselves on LinkedIn.

There are many benefits associated with having a LinkedIn company page – you can:

  • Create awareness of an organisation’s website and direct traffic to it
  • Grow credibility of your association by being a voice for your members – start and take part in conversations that are meaningful and relevant
  • Observe what other influencing organisations and individuals are doing in your industry or sector and connect with them
  • Have a dedicated section on your LinkedIn page to promote products, services and what your association can offer in the way of unique benefits – CPD etc.
  • Develop custom pages based on industry, title, location etc.
  • Can add rotating banners and videos
  • Encourage recommendations from members and peers
  • Promote jobs within your sector relevant to your industry

Many local associations and sports bodies are on LinkedIn already: National Speakers Association of New Zealand Inc., New Zealand Cricket and Property Institute of New Zealand to name a few. There are some fundamentals to consider when setting up a LinkedIn page and they can be found here (straight from moderators using LinkedIn):

For a better idea of what you can do with a Company Pages, check out this link.

In order to create a Company Page, make sure you meet all requirements for adding one. Find information about this here.

Once you meet all the requirements, here’s information about how you can setup your Company Page.