‘A life well lived with a legacy to match’ is a fitting memorial for this outstanding contributor in voluntary service, whom we farewelled on 8 March 2014. Jack was well-known to a number of our trustees, first met in his capacity as a member of the Electronic Television Services Association as the representative of TISCO, which was at the time the industry leader.

When the need arose in 1992 to constitute a board for the Independent Business Foundation, Jack was a natural choice to chair the fledgling organisation, which he led until his retirement at the age of 83. His vast experience in industry and public benefit organisations, government relations and corporate business provided, in particular to one of our advisory trustees, an immense learning curve. He stood out with his wide knowledge and application of governance and meeting procedure, setting at all times high standards in the strategic direction of the 30 + organisations that had the advantage of his participation in the course of his long career. His passing at the age of 90 is a great loss, as his stature as a captain of industry was enhanced by his commitment to social responsibility. May his example live on to inspire us to uphold his exemplary business and charity principles.

NZARCT Trustees