With non-profit organisations competing with private sector companies for talent, many prospective employees look to their employer for workplace environments that provide a number of benefits. So, how do non-profits connect with prospective employees, and what challenges to these organisations face when recruiting? The Results of the 2014 Non-profit Employment Survey Nonprofit HR4 are revealing.

How non profits are connecting with potential employees

When looking at a recruitment strategy, organisations usually utilise a number of tools to connect with their potential employee:

  • 83% email
  • 48% mail/fax
  • 30% on-line
  • 10% LinkedIn
  • 2% graphic/video

We were surprised to observe that 89% of non-profits continue to leave social media out of their recruitment strategy. Of those that use social media as a way to connect, it is not surprising to find that LinkedIn still holds the lions share:

  • LinkedIn 60%
  • Facebook 42%
  • Twitter 21%

What are the challenges of recruiting and retention?

Many non-profits are volunteer-driven with most quoting staffing challenges as:

  • Finding time to recruit and interview
  • Hiring staff with limited budgets
  • Finding qualified staff specific to their needs

One in five organisations surveyed say that staff turnover is their greatest challenge with 18% stating that retention is still a substantial issue. Many of the reasons for those leaving the non-profit sector were given as:

  • 32% uncompetitive pay
  • 19% lack of career prospects
  • 16% excessive workload

There were also points raised in the survey which gave non-profits strategies to minimise the impact of some of the challenges raised. Voluntary organisations need to define their own culture in order to engage and retain staff:

  • Define values
  • Hire based on these values
  • Living the values
  • With steps to a healthy non-profit culture:
  • Set a clear vision and mission
  • Cultivate shared values
  • Place people first

He ata te mea nui? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

Source: non profit hub

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