Kathy Moore, Manager– Client Services and Operations at Business Professional Services Limited makes the following recommendations for greater board effectiveness in meetings:

  • Focus on a strategic overview rather than operational management;
  • Pay greater attention to risk management as a critical element of growing importance;
  • Ensure an adequate balance of allocable skills around the board table at all times;
  • Expect more disclosure to be required from non-profit entities and be ready to comply;
  • Be prepared to disclose contractual information and official information requests;
  • Consider holding meetings using webcast as time and cost saving measures;
  • Move towards on-line voting to deal with urgent business between meetings;
  • Keep track of directors’ other interests and update the Register at each meeting:
  • Keep minutes that provide a balanced view and provide information in support of resolutions.

Association executives and charity trustees requiring further information and assistance with the implementation of these recommendations can contact Kathy at the NZARC office.