It’s the people who sit on your organisation’s Board that play a major role in how effective or ineffective your organisation is. Due to their voluntary nature, one of the biggest challenges encountered by Nonprofit Boards is governance continuity and succession planning. A good board member induction and training process can help you retain the talent and experience that can transform a good board into an exceptional board.

Having an effective induction and training process is essential as it not only helps new board members understand the role and the responsibilities their new position holds but it is also critical in helping them feel connected to your organisation’s mission and purpose. Without the proper training new members can sometimes become frustrated and ineffective ultimately resulting in a weaker, less effective Board.

NZARC has a full suite of tools and resources to facilitate the recruitment and on-boarding of candidates for elected office. Contact us if you would like some help with recruiting and inducting new members to your Board.

Below are some helpful links to help you create or refine an induction procedure/programme for new Board members.

Helpful links: