We read it over and over again, on every social media marketing blog – use images with your posts to increase engagement.

Well that’s all well and good but stock images are expensive, and most non-profits don’t have an in-house designer on stand-by to create custom images to match their content.

Fortunately, you don’t need one, you can create amazing images all on your own, without expensive software, with Canva (we are in no way affiliated with Canva, just fans!)

You simply create an account, select the type of image you want to make (i.e. Facebook cover, infographic, business card) and drag-and-drop away. There are a great selection of templates available if you aren’t comfortable starting from scratch.

The other advantage is, most of the imagery is free, but if you do want to use a premium photo, they only cost $1 USD each.

Both the images in this post were created in Canva, free of charge, and took under five minutes for both. I used existing templates, customised to our brand colours. Too easy right? Get creating!