It is encouraging to receive feedback from readers that lead to a better understanding of the
wider sector we serve. We appreciate the response from Ros Rice, Executive Officer of Community Networks Aotearoa (formerly known as NZCOSS) which relates to an article featured in July’s newsletter and contains the following opinion.

“We do not all necessarily agree with the view of the sector you are describing that seems all-encompassing chaos. We do not all necessarily agree that mergers are the way to go. We do all agree that collaboration is essential, but even the government is backing away from the merger message as evidenced by a message to the sector early in the year from Paula Bennett where she stressed the importance of small NGOs delivering on the ground being essential to the wellbeing of communities. And stating that she does not agree with large merged entities swallowing these small NGOs up.

(Also only 20% of charities deliver on contracts to government. The rest are community based and community funded independent enterprises – you can’t hold community back).

Remembering that I am in the NGO advisory group to Minister Bennett, I have heard and received these collaborative messages (in comparison with merge messages) for at least 2 years. I have attached for your interest some information regarding the NGOAG. Currently what is happening via Whanau Ora; Strengthening Families; Childrens Action Teams; is an example of government actively supporting cross department collaborative community responses rather than delivery by large combined entities.”

The following was attached in the NZARCT September newsletter and is available upon request:

  • NGO Advisory group Information
  • Communities Count Summary