Stepping out into the workforce is always an exciting time. So, how can you boost your chances of success? With those aged 17-24 still the most challenged with securing a job there are a number of ways in which you can maximise your success. This age group falls in line with the term ‘millenials’ which has been coined to describe those born between 1982-2000 – this is a pretty big age gap. We’d challenge any 14 year old to struggle to find something in common with a 32-year old! So, within this age, what can be done to increase your chance of securing work?

When looking for work, many employers are unwilling to give the new kid on the block a chance. So, therefore it comes down to a number of ways in which to develop experience. Volunteering can be a great way of doing this. Volunteering can give a new entrant to the job market a chance to prove themselves in a variety of ways i.e:

Ability to complete tasks and finding good ways to keep on track
Time management – how to prioritise what needs to be done when
How to work with others in a team environment
How to adapt to learning new skills
Broaden your network of like-minded people and develop great connections

Volunteering also means you can ‘try before you buy’ – a low-risk great reward way to see in a particular occupation or organisation actually delivers upon your expectations as a new employee. And, is a great way to build confidence through the virtue of experience.

In support of this we found a really inspiring blog: 10 Selfish Reasons to Volunteer for the ‘Selfie’ Generation.