With an untold number of textbooks written about business management it is refreshing to receive an offer of an authoritative publication specifically written with associations as the topic.  Its author, Omer Soker, describes himself as an organisational turn-around executive, who advises association executives and boards.  Although written from an Australian perspective it is highly relevant to the New Zealand situation with little distinction between the two countries apart from corporation law in the application of the advice contained in the 200 page text. Moreover, it has the endorsement of the Australasian Society of Association Executives with a foreword by its chief executive, Brendon Ward.  It is an absorbing and thought provoking book and highly recommended as a deserving read.  It deals with the issues and challenges facing our industry in a rapidly changing environment and covers every aspect of association governance and management with practical advice and helpful statistical information to influence our thinking on how we conduct our affairs from here on.

The Future of Associations can be ordered on-line at www.ethicsofsuccess.com.au/associations/ at the converted price of NZ$24.00 for delivery before the holiday break.  Taking relaxing time out to it as prescribed reading will greatly assist you in your strategic preparation for the year ahead.


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