As you may be hearing from many avenues, cloud computing is now a viable option for increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs. And as recently reported in a NZ Herald article, you have active users of this technology now starting as young as eight years old! So, what does this mean for your charity and association for the future? With many of New Zealand’s schools switching to e-learning as a major initiative, your future volunteer, donor, staff member and even board member will be very familiar online tools and resources.


And, with two major players in the market (Google and Microsoft), which suite of products is going to win out in the end as the most widely used? The jury is still very much out. As reported in a recent blog article from the US, there are many younger employees and users of Google Apps that have never even used a Microsoft product or Outlook. And with 425 million people using Gmail globally is there any surprise – Google is the preferred search engine in New Zealand by over 90%!


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