We recently came across an interesting blog by Daniel Michaud Weinstock that highlighted the need to ensure that the mission of an organisation is always at the forefront of all decisions regarding how that organisation develops over time. As an organisation changes its internal structure to meet the ever-changing landscape, the opportunity is to actively recognise its roots and clearly identify how change is imperative to the long-term sustainability and ongoing success of delivering upon its charitable purpose.

With most studies showing that 60-70% of organisational change projects fail, we suggest you click here to find out some really practical tips around how you can minimise this happening.

The more highly engaged staff are with the change process and develop a sound understand of the reasons why change is necessary, the more likely the chance of a successful transition. In his blog gives this fabulous quote For organizational change to succeed, people need to also know why the change is happening and what it will lead to, when, where and how they can give feedback, what the alternate routes entail, with guidance and coaching along the way.

Click here for Daniel’s full article.